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Remember Julius Caesar?

What can be said about Julius Caesar that has not already been said?  He was a very good tipper, routinely going over 20% and making everyone else at the table feel cheap. One time, when we were in Gaul fighting the Celts over whether their name was pronounced with a hard or a soft “C,”…

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Remember Your First Summer Job?

This year brings a scarcity of summer jobs for America’s youth.  It is unfortunate that so many will miss the tremendous learning opportunity that summer jobs present.  I don’t know where I’d be today without such opportunities. My first summer job, other than making spin art and being forced to play kickball, was at for…

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Remember the Year 2010?

Remember when it was the year 2010? I do. It seems like it was just yesterday or three days ago at the most. Unemployment was stuck at ten percent. State governments across the nation were facing unbridgeable budget gaps. Justin Bieber was a music phenomenon. I know — it is hard to believe what life…

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