Month: March 2011

Remember Wearing Fanny Packs?

Remember wearing fanny packs? I do. Fanny packs were manufactured pouches of canvas or leather that buckled around the waist and let people live out their fantasy of being marsupials. My fanny pack was turquoise and yellow, and it ensured that my wallet was accessible and that girls were not.  My mother wrote my name in…

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Remember Napster?

Remember Napster? I do. Napster was a peer-to-peer file sharing program that was popular around the turn of the millennium, and enabled people to download music that would otherwise have to be purchased with their parents’ hard-earned money. To get around the troublesome copyright laws, Napster employed the ancient legal doctrine of “they can’t catch…

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Remember When URLs Did Not Change?

Remember when a website’s URL never changed? I do. Actually, I don’t.  URLs change all the time, and this one is going to change to “” later tonight, March 17, 2011, just as soon as I finish scrubbing the chicken burger grease off the grill pan.  If you need to reprogram your reader or something,…

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