My Slogan Was Published In the New York Times!

  1. Remember When You Weren’t Asked to Rate Every Experience?
  2. Remember When Live Entertainment Was the Only Entertainment?
  3. Remember Retail Stores?
  4. Remember That Mysterious Space Object?
  5. Remember When We Didn’t Need A Planetary Protection Officer?
  6. My Slogan Was Published In the New York Times!
  7. Remember When We All Had Chips Surgically Implanted?
  8. Remember When Everyone Wasn’t in Contact With the Russians?
  9. Remember When Antarctica Wasn’t Falling Apart?
  10. Remember When You Could Fire the FBI Director Without Getting a Lot of Flak?
  11. Remember When the President Lived at the White House?
  12. Remember That Time We Saved 34 Acres of Forest?
  13. Remember When It Seemed Like Christmas Was Far Away?
  14. Remember When There Wasn’t All This Hacking of Emails?
  15. Happy Thanksgiving
  16. Remember When You Could Vote to Leave the European Union and Not Regret It?
  17. Remember When Robots Did Not Pull Publicity Stunts?
  18. Remember When Tax Evasion Wasn’t So Trendy?
  19. Remember When Greeting Cards Were Affordable?
  20. Remember When Genes Could Not Be Driven?
  21. Remember When You Could Have a Private Email Server?
  22. Meliboeus
  23. Remember When People Liked Gluten?
  24. Remember When Presidential Campaigns Did Not Go On Forever?
  25. Remember When It Was Safe to Eat Processed Meat?
  26. Remember When You Couldn’t Reconstruct a Rat Brain?
  27. Remember When People Didn’t Grow Plants on Their Heads?
  28. Remember When You Had Never Heard of a Leap Second?
  29. Remember When You Couldn’t Get a Head Transplant?
  30. Songs In My Head
  31. A Dream
  32. Who Says Poetry Isn’t Relevant?
  33. Remember Shopping on Black Friday?
  34. Remember Smallpox?
  35. Remember When You Could Go to Mars for Only $75 Million?
  36. Big Announcement
  37. Remember When the Internet Was Anonymous?
  38. Remember When Your School Got Its Own Tank?
  39. Remember When the World Cup Wasn’t On?
  40. Remember When People Did Not Put Pictures of Their Kids On Facebook?
  41. Remember When Virtual Reality Was More Virtual Than Reality?
  42. Remember the Cold War?
  43. Remember When Extinction Was Permanent?
  44. Remember Privacy?
  45. Remember When Delivery By Drones Was Not Within the Realm of the Possibile?
  46. Remember When the Affordable Care Act Wasn’t In the News Every Day?
  47. Remember When the Government Wasn’t Shut Down?
  48. The Yom Kippur Post
  49. The Rosh Hashanah Post
  50. Remember When You Could Twerk and Not Cause a Worldwide Scandal?
  51. Remember When Restaurant Service in France Was Gruff?
  52. The Private Universe of Shopping Carts
  53. Remember When Stores Couldn’t Track You Within the Store?
  54. Remember When Luggage Didn’t Have Wheels?
  55. Remember When You Needed a Cell Phone to Record Someone in Public?
  56. Remember When You Didn’t Have to Create a Profile Everywhere You Go?
  57. Remember Spring?
  58. Remember When There Was No Pope?
  59. Remember When Smartphone Protectors Weren’t A Cottage Industry?
  60. Remember When the Toilet Worked, Part I?
  61. Remember When Football Was Dangerous?
  62. Remember When You Had Never Heard of a Fiscal Cliff?
  63. Remember Twinkies?
  64. Remember When Black Friday Took Place on Friday?
  65. Remember Election Night?
  66. Remember Life Before Catastrophic Hurricanes?
  67. Remember When Interest Rates Were Positive?
  68. Remember When Debates Involved Debating?
  69. Remember When I Started This Blog?
  70. Remember When News Was News?
  71. Remember High Top Sneakers?
  72. Remember When There Were No Zip Cars?
  73. Remember When You Didn’t Have to Swerve Around People on Bicycles?
  74. Remember the Olympics?
  75. Remember When There Was Only One Type of Post-It Note?
  76. Remember When There Were No Interactive Graphics?
  77. Remembering My Aunt Helen
  78. Remember When Playgrounds Were Dangerous?
  79. Remember Life Before Greek Yogurt?
  80. Remember Being 13 and Drunk?
  81. Remember When There Weren’t All These Crasher Shows?
  82. Remember When There Weren’t a Million Types of Water Bottles?
  83. Remember When You Had Never Heard of Austerity Measures?
  84. Remember Mad Cow Disease?
  85. Remember William Shakespeare?
  86. Remember When You Didn’t Have to Worry About Online Tracking?
  87. Remember When You Could See Around Most Vehicles?
  88. Remember Trapper Keepers?
  89. Remember When Sugar Wasn’t the New Cocaine?
  90. Remember When We Were Slaves in Egypt?
  91. Remember When the Police Couldn’t Track You With Your Cellphone?
  92. Remember When There Weren’t All These Mediums?
  93. Remember the Etch A Sketch?
  94. Remember When You Didn’t Hunger For The Hunger Games?
  95. Remember When You Didn’t See Those “26.2” Stickers On Cars?
  96. Remember Julius Caesar?
  97. Remember Renting Movies At the Video Store?
  98. Remember the President’s Fitness Test?
  99. Remember When Television Programs Didn’t Have Animated Promos For Other Programs?
  100. Remember When There Weren’t All These Fitness Devices?
  101. Remember What Made You Fall in Love With the Movies?
  102. Remember When Mr. Coffee Was the Only Coffee Maker?
  103. Remember When No One Cared Where Their Food Was From?
  104. Remember How You Used to Celebrate Valentine’s Day?
  105. Remember Whitney Houston? (A Tribute)
  106. Remember When People Didn’t Have Cameras in Their Cell Phones?
  107. Remember Life Before Super Bowl XLVI (46)?
  108. Remember When Pitches Were Just For Movies: Digesting the Writer’s Digest Conference (Part 3)
  109. Remember When Genre Was Genre: Digesting the Writer’s Digest Conference 2012 (Part 2)
  110. Remember Life Before Memory Sticks: Digesting the Writer’s Digest Conference (Part 1)
  111. Remember When Television Screens Weren’t Measured in Acres?
  112. Remember When You Could Buy Things Without Being Asked to Write a Review?
  113. Remember When People Were Quiet in Libraries?
  114. Remember When You Couldn’t Buy Things Online?
  115. Remember When There Weren’t Any House Shows?
  116. Remember Old Fashioned Hand Dryers?
  117. Remember Elementary School Teachers?
  118. And Now, A Few Last Minutes With Andy Rooney
  119. Remember Trick-or-Treating on Halloween?
  120. Remember When You Didn’t Have to Worry About Identity Theft?
  121. Remember When There Were No “TIPS” Jars?
  122. Remember When Roommates Were Random?
  123. Remember When Cough Syrup Wasn’t a Controlled Substance?
  124. Remember Liner Notes?
  125. Remember When Life Wasn’t Consumed by Facebook?
  126. Remember When You Had Never Heard of a Debt Ceiling?
  127. Remember When People Read Only Physical Books?
  128. Remember Telephone Books?
  129. Remember When We Didn’t Have Piles of Chargers and Power Cords?
  130. Growing Old With Derek Jeter
  131. Life Without the U.S. Mail
  132. You’ve Been Sued Via Facebook
  133. Remember Your First Summer Job?
  134. Mash-Up, June 11: Graduation
  135. Of Ice and Men
  136. Is Your Dad Embarrassing?
  137. Staying Sane at Chuck E. Cheese’s
  138. Mash-Up, June 4: Kristen Lamb, How to Write Funny, Paul Johnson
  139. The Facebook Page Neurotic
  140. From Seditionist to Blogger
  141. My Happy Meal Addiction
  142. Mash-Up, May 28: David Bouchier, Clay Morgan, Leanne Shirtliffe
  143. Why the iPhone is Perfect for Writers
  144. How I Started Blogging
  145. Remember Using Paper Maps?
  146. Remember Action Figures?
  147. Remember Lunchboxes?
  148. Remember When It Was Fun To Go To the Movies?
  149. Remember Playing Board Games?
  150. Remember When Video Games Did Not Feature Flying Body Parts?
  151. Remember When Wishing Someone a Happy Birthday Was Not Done Digitally?
  152. Remember Y2K?
  153. Remember Wearing Fanny Packs?
  154. Remember Napster?
  155. Remember When Containers Were Easy To Open?
  156. Remember When Drinking Was a Novelty?
  157. Remember When People Passed Notes in Class?
  158. Remember When You Could Go To the Supermarket Without Being Offered Something You Didn’t Want?
  159. Remember When URLs Did Not Change?
  160. Remember When You Weren’t Offered A Rewards Card at Every Store?
  161. Remember When Memory Was Not the Hottest Topic Around?
  162. Remember Your First Answering Machine?
  163. Remember Audio Cassette Tapes?
  164. Remember When You Could Bring Lip Gloss On An Airplane?
  165. Remember When Airplane Meals Were Included With the Price of the Ticket?
  166. Remember Choose Your Own Adventure Books?
  167. Remember Voltron?
  168. Remember Writing With Pen and Paper?
  169. Remember When You Could Not Instantly Settle Arguments on the Internet?
  170. Remember Garbage Pail Kids?
  171. Remember Snap Bracelets?
  172. Remember When Garbage Was Garbage?
  173. Remember When Cameras Used Film?
  174. Remember When It Was Cool To Bend the Bills of Baseball Caps?
  175. Remember Non-Electric Toothbrushes?
  176. Remember When People Shoveled Their Driveways With Shovels?
  177. Remember Playing Hangman?
  178. Remember When We Did Not Have To Remember A Million Passwords?
  179. Remember the Year 2010?
  180. Remember When Car Headlights Weren’t Blinding?
  181. Remember When Kids Drank Soda?
  182. Remember When Snow Was Fun?
  183. Remember When There Was a New Post Here Every Day?
  184. Remember When People Ate Apples?
  185. Remember When Only Infants Had to Ride in Car Seats?
  186. Remember When Playgrounds Were Not Made of Plastic?
  187. Remember When Computer Printers Printed on That Paper That Had Perforated Edges With Holes?
  188. Remember When “You Can’t Do That On Television” Was On Television?
  189. Remember When People Listened to CDs?
  190. Remember When You Didn’t See Christmas Decorations Until After Thanksgiving?
  191. Remember When We Got Dittos Instead of Photocopies?
  192. Remember When Plain Cream Cheese Was the Only Cream Cheese?
  193. Remember When Ronald Reagan Was Elected to a Second Term?
  194. Remember When VCRs Were the Thing?
  195. Remember When Fruit Roll-Ups Were Popular?
  196. Remember When Cell Phones Did Not Exist?
  197. Remember When Email Did Not Exist?
  198. Remember When People Did Not Walk Around With Bottles of Water?
  199. Remember When No One Had a Peanut Allergy?
  200. Remember When The Term “Surround-Sound” Did Not Exist?
  201. Remember When “Starter” Jackets Were Popular?
  202. Remember When “The Clapper” Was A New Invention?
  203. Remember Box Drinks?
  204. Remember Spelling Bees?
  205. Remember “It’s 10 O’Clock – Do You Know Where Your Children Are?”
  206. Remember When People Watched Sitcoms?
  207. Remember When You Could Pass a Stopped School Bus?
  208. Remember When Sliced Bread Was Uniform?
  209. Remember When Kids Rode Their Bikes Without Helmets?
  210. Remember When Beavis and Butthead Was a Popular Show?