My first blog was called Schlabadoo, running from October 11, 2010, through October 11, 2015.  For a while the editors at had it listed as a Recommended Blog, under Culture.  They also selected the following three posts to be Freshly Pressed:

Remember When Cameras Used Film? (1/19/2011)

Remember When You Could Bring Lip Gloss on an Airplane? (3/7/2011)

Remember When There Was Only One Type of Post-It Note? (7/25/2012)

Out of this same blog, I wrote a guest post about Z. Cavaricci pants for the Life and Times of Gen X at, hosted by Pittsburgh-based teacher, speaker and writer Clay Morgan.  And I wrote “My First Grade Teacher Must Have Had Stock in Crayola” for Lessons From Teachers and Twits, hosted by Rochester-based teacher, writer and artist Renée Schuls-Jacobson.

All of the posts from Schlabadoo are here.  My plan is to self-publish these posts in an e-book.